With 2019 approaching quickly, as do the the lists of resolutions. Why do we set ourselves up to fail? Goals are fabulous (dreams put into actions). But keeping them achievable and realistic are extremely important. I struggle with nightly “tomorrow I’m doing ….” almost daily. I tend to have loads of energy and great intentions late at night, then the morning comes, I find any and every excuse to procrastinate, setting myself up to fail constantly. It begins to weigh heavily. I’ve been asked to assist with a friend’s closet purge. She’s overwhelmed and doesn’t know how or where to begin. I assured her and can say with confidence, this isn’t a rare or unique issue. I expressed it will be difficult and tough love will be assisting me, she wishes to proceed. Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned (still attempting to master myself so I practice what I preach). Hope you find them helpful.

  1. BABY STEPS…. don’t look at the entire house and decide you’re going to organize it/clean it. Its WAY too overwhelming and you’ll end up sitting on the couch Netflix binge watching, beating yourself up between episodes on why you’re not tackling the dust collecting upon the piles you promised yourself you’d rid of. Its a vicious circle. Instead of the WHOLE HOUSE.. decide to tackle one small space at a time. A “junk drawer”, a bathroom cabinet, under the kitchen sink, or even yes, the Master Bedroom Closet. ONE space at a time, if you achieve it quickly, move on to the next space. TRUST me… you will be so in love with the tiniest of spaces purged and organized. Its quite motivating.
  2. TOSS, DONATE, SELL… three main rules for any purge project, even for one drawer. Keep whats essential, make the hard choice to “file” the rest. Keep ONLY what you’ve used in the last year. If its special or an heirloom, create another “rule” and store it away in the basement. Let’s focus on the Master Closet,… If you haven’t worn it in a year… doesn’t fit, price tags still on or not… BYE BYE. Having something in your closet in the HOPES that ONE DAY you’ll fit into it… just don’t. If you achieve a goal to get healthy and in the interim, drop a few sizes, reward yourself with something new. Keeping pieces that don’t fit weigh heavily, cause self esteem issues and take up valuable space in the closet. Anything ripped or stained, toss, things salvageable, donate, valuable items, excellent condition, loads of consignment shops or Kijiji/Ebay are great tools to use too.
  3. Basics, my fail safe basics tend to always be blacks, greys, whites and denim (French Capsule Wardrobe- by definition). Monochromatic is my happy place. Try to limit yourself to 5 of each in the closet – blouses, sweaters, dresses, skirts, slacks, jeans, blazers (not shoes – that’s barbaric).
  4. Invest In; A huge stack of thin velvet hangers, 5 wooden hangers for jackets, 5, 5 piece metal clip hangers for skirts, slacks and denim/leggings. Stick to the same colour hangers for a clean looking space, mine tend to be black (my go to). 3 Bins for top of closet shelf.. all the same, great for storing belts, scarves, clutches, whatever you like keeping the shelf looking like a “staged” space, and one you’ll love opening to view your easy accessible, easy to find pieces.
  5. Large Closet Mirror , (or in my case, the HUGE one that leans against the wall with a thick black wooden frame purchased from Ikea, but Homesence has loads of these too). PERFECT to use as a dressing mirror to get a full top to bottom view of your outfit before you leave.
  6. The Dresser … PLEASE, for the love of god… old stained ripped “unmentionables” – THROW OUT… I have always believed that no woman could possibly feel empowered without pretty matching bra & panties. Every woman should own at least 5 good t-shirt bras, black, beige and white, 2 strapless, 2 sports bras & 2 sets of nipple covers (if you can wear depending on size) and at least 7 pr of clean / no line panties. Treat yourself to a bra fitting, if you’ve never been – your “girls” and your back will thank me. The majority of the female population is wearing the wrong size bra – so sad for the ta-tahs… gravity is NOT their friend. My Mom finally took my advice – she always wore a 38 C… she was actually a 34 D. Immediate “boob” lift and appeared 10lbs lighter… Enough said.

Hope these little tips and tricks help bring your boudoir closet back to its full potential and a space that feels like a sanctuary, not a self created torture chamber of despair and sadness. Remember having less “quality” items that you will actually wear, is more, than a room jammed full of clothes, bags, shoes and various piles of “what-evers” that you don’t use.