Now don’t get me wrong, I feed off of positive energy, goals and aspirations to better ones self, but year after year, almost like herds of cattle, we take our New Year ticket and walk through the daunting gate, expressing to all ” My New Year Resolution this year is…..”.

Resolutions/Hope’s for the year are fabulous, however, goals, are ideas that are put into action, one actually must do the work achieve the wished result. ( for instance, I think tonight, I’ll have one extra glass of wine – now THIS, I could realistically accomplish, if all else were as easy) .

You know when you go to Weddings and Funerals… see people you rarely if ever see and it so often result’s with feeling’s expressed “OMG, its so great to see you, lets promise to spend more time together, lets connect soon and make it happen”.? The encounter likely sparked emotion and truly genuine intent to make the conscious effort to in fact, see them again – at that moment it was completely sincere and expressed with the purest intentions to follow through. The reality is however – if they weren’t a regular part of your life prior, unless you make the change and the effort following the run in, they were just words. Not going to happen.

Resolutions feel the same to me. Statements made at the time, during the moment “YES, I can totally do this, I’m going from 0 – 100 and changing everything that’s a current habit in my life a complete 180.. I GOT THIS, THIS year I’m totally going to nail this”. As its been said “been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and watched the friggin’ movie”… Bottom line, these resolution’s aren’t attainable, leaving the feeling of failure, guilt and remorse, and WHY? Why do we set these unrealistic goals for ourselve’s, a bar that we can’t possibly reach. Why not forget the “bar”, instead of running before we learn to walk, become a strong crawler?

Baby steps. We attract what we put out into the world, I believe this with every fibre of my being… Take weight loss for instance as retail come January 1 are PACKED with getting fit gear, protein shakes and gyms saturate the media luring our vulnerable resolution mindset, so, instead of focusing on the scale, a # and date to achieve it, why to focus energy on living a healthier lifestyle i.e.: DECIDE TODAY, I am going to drink at least one tall glass of water with lemon. DECIDE tomorrow, I’m going to run up the stairs not once but 2 times instead of walk. DECIDE the day after, no snacking after 7pm. Suddenly, before we know it, these subtle ACHIEVABLE goals have been met because we changed our routine, which changed our mindset and the result – created a new habit.

I wish we all have the very best year to date in our lives, personally am thrilled to finally lay 2018 to rest, my hope is, we are gentler with ourselves, we don’t expect more from ourselves than we can realistically achieve because to me, this is self sabotage and that’s not a motivating way to begin a fresh new chapter. Minute by minute, being present in the moment, focussing energy on what we can control, which is RIGHT NOW, not 6 months from now. Learn from the past but not looking back, take lessons learned forward with you. Live for today and look towards tomorrow with enthusiasm because if you can dream it, you CAN DO IT!!!! ps. It takes zero effort to smile at a stranger (but not in a creepy stalker way), a small thing, but could literally be the best part of someone else’s day – #bekind. And Happy New Year to you all. xo